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Emotional Abuse

“When people in the U.S. think of children’s rights, they usually think of children in third world countries who are victims of abusive child labor. They might not realize that children’s rights in the U.S. are violated as well.” (Wilson, 2006) In the U.S. children have rights that are sometimes overlooked and ignored. This is because some parents take their responsibility too seriously. This extreme overruling can lead to the separation of families, the loss of a life, and even a divorce between parent and child. One factor that perpetuates these situations is the lack of government acknowledging certain forms of abuse. They clearly cover physical and sexual abuse; however emotional abuse is left unspoken of.


“Inheriting the Trade”, by Thomas Norman DeWolf is a documented history of America’s past that is more honest and detailed than history books published for the education system. This candid account of a citizen’s rich family history and all of its experiences provides more insight to the foundation of the United States than one would receive from an encyclopedia; which would simply pale to the revelations of this book. The manufactured truth that is taught in schools across the nation is not only a creative fib, but a drastic thievery of credit. Despite the false truth that all Americans have been fed, slavery began out of greed, not need.

Marital Rape

 “It was an episode of forced sex that brought the marriage to its close. He had been gone for several days and came home drunk. As they were going to bed, he told her he wanted to have sex with her. She particularly did not like having sex with him when he was drunk, and so she told him she did not want to. He insisted, pinning her down on the bed and holding her arms” (Finkelhor and Yllo, License to Rape 39). This is a brief illustration of marital rape.


Brainwashing can be described as a method for systematically changing another’s attitudes or altering another’s belief. This can happen through the use of torture and psychological-stress techniques. Brainwashing can even be done through media. During World War I, there were not too many television commercials. However, there were enough forms of propaganda established to brainwash millions of people. The book “The First World War: A Brief History With Documents” by Susan R. Grayzel contains many documents that expound on mass brainwashing and also the drastic effects that World War I had on everyone around the world.

The Future of Power

Smart Meters are digital, electronic devices that securely transfer electricity-usage data to ComEd. (What is a smart meter, 2016). They are an important component of ComEd’s ongoing effort to modernize the electric system and provide better service. ComEd anticipates the installation of 4 million smart meters in all buildings across its service territory, northern Illinois, by December of 2018; they have already installed 1.5 million (What is a smart meter, 2016). Their purpose is to provide consumers with more accessible information about their electricity usage. ComEd’s online energy-management tools can assist in the ease of accessibility. Consumers also have the option to register for alerts, sent to their cellular phone or e-mail address, when their usage is higher than usual. These features will allow consumers to make adjustments for energy preservation and lower their electric bills.

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